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Please provide the following in order to obtain a quotation

  • Collection post code / area code 
    London SW1
  • Delivery post code / area code  & country 
    example: 20124 Milan, Italy
  • Sizes & unit of measurement or volume  
    example: 15 boxes @ 45x50x30cms = 1.01m/3
  • Weight if known (especially if dense cargo like steel, beverages or books) example: 150kgs.
  • Commodity: especially if hazardous, personal effects or larger sized items
  • Personal Effects / Removals Customers; Please note that in order to give you an accurate freight quotation we will require An estimate of the final packed size and weight. All furniture must be packed professionally. We CAN NOT carry unpacked televisions / white goods etc

We can only give quotations for shipments that are going to be shipped
within one month of the quotation date


Office: (0044) 0208 402 5880