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Airfreight Exports:

Airfreight Exports:

We are very competitive within the industry and are able to offer a comprehensive range of services worldwide. We can offer "consolidations"  "back to back" and even charter of aircraft if required. We are able to offer both door-to-door and the more typical arrival airport only variations to almost all parts of the globe. We are able to handle most hazardous commodities to most areas. We have an extensive network of agents in place worldwide, to ensure smooth Customs clearance and delivery locally almost anywhere.


Whilst airfreight is usually considered expensive, it should be noted that on some smaller volumetric consignments it can be more economical than sea and road freight, because of the conversion used by the airlines for charging purposes against those used by the ferry + road operators.

E.g (Air / Road / Sea) Freight, UK handling, UK Customs + UK docs charges to arrival Istanbul, Turkey .  

Air-freight conversion 1 Case 25gs (50 x 60 x 55cms) volume= 0.165m/3 divided by 6000 = 28kgs chargeable weight Cost = £95.00

Road-freight conversion 1 Case 25kgs (50 x 60 x 55cms) volume= 0.165m/3 multiplied by 333 = 55kgs chargeable weight Cost = £155.00

Sea-freight conversion (weight or measure = 1m/3 0r 1000kgs) 1 Case 25kgs (50 x 60 x 55 cms) volume= 0.165m/3 (weight/measure) = 1000kgs chargeable weight Cost = £165.00


We are able to effect Customs clearance and delivery anywhere in the British Isles, quickly and efficiently for almost any commodity.

We are able to offer "use of deferment" for a competitive flat rate on most Vat/Duty values.

We can also offer early evening pick-ups from airlines, transit to local warehousing (bonded-and usual) for larger consignments to avoid high rents chargeable by airlines after 24 hours. This is particularly advantageous when goods arrive on a Friday and can not be delivered until Monday or Tuesday (E.g bank holiday) for whatever reason.

E.G (consignment weight of 1620kgs left at airline) could cost over £6.50 per 100kgs or part there of per day (£110.50) Almost all air-freight deliveries are made in the morning, at no extra costs.